Each pouch contains exactly one strain. Guaranteed to be over 15% THC with some of the best topping out at 35%. Strains may change over time but there will NEVER be a blend in our bag. Why don't we put the strain name on the bag? Its simple, we prioritize THC content, quality, and quantity. We want to bring you the fire without the fuss. We appreciate our connoisseurs and wisdom seekers, so below we created a menu of our commonly souced strains.



293.190201.03a / 293.190201.03a

Super Sour Diesel is a potent hybrid of two popular strains: Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. It energizes while knocking out stress and pain, which makes it great for daytime use. Sociable and fun, the effects of this strain are felt upon first taste. Super Sour Diesel’s strong, fuel-like aroma gives evidence to the sheer power of this strain. We recommend that new users use caution when trying this strain due to the strong cerebral effects.